74 percent of physicians would choose their specialty again

According to a recent survey conducted by Sermo, the majority of the physicians would choose their speciality again if they had start their careers over.  doctor-love-by-specialty1

The top 3 specialties which would choose their speciality again were Orthopedics (87%), Psychiatry (86%), and Oncology (86%).

According to the survey OB/GYN were less likely to choose that speciality again (59%), with Internal Medicine (60%), and Family medicine (62%) coming close to also wanting to change if they started over. According to the report:

“29 percent of OB/GYNs said lifestyle factors would lead them to choose another area.  Internal medicine and family medicine cited dissatisfaction with lifestyle 25 and 23 percent of the time respectively.”

Based on this survey Sermo concluded, “[o]verall the vetting process during the training years seems to work well for most.  A large majority, 74 percent, would choose their specialty over again.  That suggests physician candidates are receiving good information and being steered properly by mentors.

Sermo conducted the physician survey in March and received 2,926 responses. The full report can be found here.

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