APA approved registry to bring many improvements


Hunter Frint

The American Psychiatric Association Board of Trustees’ March meeting touched on many important issues including the highly talked about implementation of a registry to help reform health care.

The idea for the registry was first mentioned in July of 2015 in a Registry Work Group report. The group presented it to the board, who had also heard of the benefits of a registry from other medical associations. The board’s recent vote on the registry will propel the American Psychiatric Association toward the establishment of a mental health clinical data registry.

“An APA registry has the potential to be enormously useful to members and our profession by giving us data that will demonstrate value-based care, while allowing us to know what works and what doesn’t work in helping our patients achieve recovery,” said APA President Renée Binder, M.D.

The registry will contribute to the compilation of a more detailed and helpful database. This could help to regulate the field of psychiatry and make it more uniform. The collection of data will be of the utmost importance clinically, as it will compile information including risk factors, treatments and outcomes at key points for diseases or procedures, according to Psychiatric News.

This collection of data could be used for future research that could lead to major breakthroughs due to the completion of data in the registry. Many new ideas could be born out of this and many puzzles solved to help people with mental illnesses.

The APA has posted to their website that they are currently looking to hire a Clinical Data Registry Manager to oversee daily operation and technical aspects of the registry. The registry is in the process of development.

Other topics of importance that the Board of Trustees touched on include the establishment of the Committee on Telepsychiatry, approval of a 12-month pilot expansion of the Joint Sponsorship Program, discussion of the APA election and approval of the new editor, Lisa Dixon, M.D., M.P.H. for the journal Psychiatric Services.

According to Psychiatric New, CME will be granted accreditation of up to 20 online programs, 10 affiliate programs and five outside programs due to the expansion of the Joint Sponsorship Program. Regarding the APA election, the board voted to approve the “Videotaping Candidates Interviews Project” for one additional year.






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