The perfect position will feel right to you

Money – we all want it and we all need it! This is sometimes the main objective when you look for new employment. Don’t allow money to be your main consideration when seeking a new position.

Looking for employment can be your choice and sometimes out of your realm of control. If it is out of your control, due to circumstances such as layoffs, don’t be nervous and definitely do not feel insecure about yourself.

Write down what you want – your goals in other words. This will help in preventing you from making a bad decision. Job hunting is very stressful and when emotions are involved we tend to jump too fast and think later.

Before moving forward stop, think and make sure you “feel” the job. Feel the job? If it doesn’t feel right, it is most likely not the best position for you.

    • Okay, the salary is magnificent….proceed.
    • The location is someplace you ‘may enjoy’…..slow down. May enjoy? You may like the mountains, snow, skiing and the lodge surroundings, but you love the beach, sand and warmer temperatures.
    • Stop – think about it – you loved the job because of the money, not so much the location and that “feeling” is just not there when you think about it again.

Don’t let money or even a title influence you when it comes to your future. Will this amount of money and this title erase any other steps on your stairway to success? Sometimes a lateral move may lead you to the escalator or elevator needed to lift you to your happiness and prosperity.

If you are seeking a new job, cover all your bases. If there are doubts, then don’t swing for the fence, take the bases nice and slow. Check out all your prospects before proceeding.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask about the position – make sure you know what is expected of you. Speak to some of your future co-workers about their experiences. Ask about the company, both financially and their standing in the community, and if they hesitate about answering you then step back. This could be a red flag for you.

Also ask yourself if the position fits your needs. Is there room for improvement and expansion for your skills and experiences? Find out as much as you can about this opportunity and see how it fits your “feelings” for the future.

Do not be pushed to make a quick decision. Slow and steady wins the race and a great “feeling” of accomplishment will follow.

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