Know your candidates as well as your clients

Not my problem! If you have this thought squirreled away in the back of your mind then you already have a problem. Don’t even go there!

If you assume it’s the candidate’s loss and not yours – then you will lose.

The hiring competition is heating up and it is time for recruiters to jump from the frying pan into the fire.

Nearly 50% of all recruiters had problems filling their available positions over the last year. Now is the time to change your strategy and figure out the best plan to follow.

According to iCIMS resources 82% of employers believe a candidate’s bad experience with you has little or no impact on recruiting.

But, 58% of the candidates are less likely to choose or stay with you if you don’t respond to them in a timely manner and 25% will discourage others from contacting you.

A few ideas to follow for a successful placement according to iCIMS are:

  • Develop strong relationships with hiring managers of your clients. Know who they are and what they want.
  • You need to be very active when gathering information about the job for your clients.
    • Make sure your description is correct: You talk to your client, you know what they offer, and no one knows this unless you tell them. You have to follow through to make sure you get the correct information into the job description.
    • Include content about the location of position, such as family oriented, activities available etc. and make sure your information on the company is updated regularly.
    • Use technology that allows you to include videos, photos and links to social media to help everyone.
  • Make the application process more convenient.
    • Do not ask unnecessary questions.
    • Let the candidate offer more – such as links to their social media or information from them.
  • Sixty (60) percent of the job seekers who drop out do so because the process takes so long.


Another thing you need to remember is that a passive candidate is 33% more likely to want challenging work compared to an active candidate.

Trust your inner self….

You know your clients – now get to know your candidates – put them together by trusting yourself – the end product will be greater placements for you.


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